A New Year and a New Blog…well, actually it’s my first blog. :)


“Change, for you have to.”- George Clooney

Hello. Hi. Greetings. Salutations!

It’s a brand new year, so I have decided to change. ^-^ I’ve always thought of starting a blog about my daily excursions and trials and tribulations, but never had the guts to do it. Now, that it’s 2013, and the world hasn’t ended, I thought, “What the hey!” let’s give this blog thing a chance. 😀 So, here I am today, Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 12:32 PM, writing my first blog post ever. ^o^ I feel so excited and anxious at the same time. 😀

So, let me give you some background information on my day. Today, I did not have work, so I can relax and do as I please. 🙂 I woke up without an alarm. Thank Goodness, I must say. I don’t really enjoy an early morning, when I’m being awakening by an alarm. Just not my cup of tea. Then, I watched some television and ate breakfast, of course. We can’t skip breakfast for it is the most important meal of the day. ^-^ After this, I went outside and decided to pick some lemons off the lemon tree in my front yard, so I could finally make some Honey Lemon Slices.

Yes, you have read those words correctly. Honey Lemon Slices, just like the ones you may have read in manga(漫画), or watched in an anime (アニメ) or drama (ドラマ). I’ve always wanted to make them and have finally made them. ^0^ The recipe I used was from this cite, by the way. (If you cannot press the link, try pressing the “Ctrl” button and clicking “this cite.”)

So, here’s the finished product.


Here’s a close up. 😀


So, it took about 10 minutes (preparation and baking time) to make them. Be careful, when you cut the lemons! I cut my thumb, so, be wary. I did taste one, when I was finished, and I must say, it tasted delicious! おいしい!


So, that is all for today. 🙂 Although I am late to say this, Happy New Year!  明けましておめでとう!I don’t know if it’s just me, but I have a good feeling that 2013 is going to be an amazing year. 🙂

Until next time ^-^


About stargrl3

こんにちは~!Bonjour! Hello! ^-^ My name is Laura, meaning "laurel-crowned." (Just thought I'd drop a fun fact about my name ;D ) I love to sing songs even when I don't know the lyrics, to watch television shows and copy what the characters are saying, and to write whatever comes to my mind. I love learning about different cultures and their languages too! ;) I am currently learning French, Japanese, and American Sign Language. I'm also trying to learn Khmer, since my family is from Cambodia. ^-^ Besides learning many languages, I will also travel the world. I hope to visit Japan (this year, I hope ;D), France, Cambodia, China, Korea, Australia, Italy, England, Canada, Greece, etc...Sorry, about putting the ectetera, but the list could go on forever. xD As you can see, I'm pretty ambitious, but anything can happen, right? ;)

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